23 February 2014

Four Cruise Control Diet Secrets

How many times have you tried to lose weight in the past, only to find that your efforts went to waste? Perhaps you lost some fat and then found it came back within a few weeks of stopping the program, or found that you never lost any weight at all. The Cruise Control Diet is different; this revolutionary new diet is extremely easy to follow and only requires that you follow four steps. Sounds good right? Well, reviews of the program have been positive, and have talked about how by following these four simple steps you can not only lose fat and improve your general health, but once the fat comes off, it stays off. Here are four Cruise Control Diet secrets that you should know before you start on the program.
1. Eat More Natural Foods
The first of our four Cruise Control Diet secrets is to incorporate foods which are derived from natural sources into your diet. This can be easy to do, as natural foods are now available from your local supermarket. In years gone by you would have to travel miles out of town to try and source these foods. They are also a lot cheaper than they used to be. Try foods that are rich in protein and low in fat, such as organic lean animal means like chicken and turkey, or fish like mackerel or tuna. For breakfast, you could have organic and natural egg whites, and try almonds as a snack throughout the day.
2. Refrain from Processed Foods
The second of the four Cruise Control Diet secrets is to refrain from eating any foods which have been packaged or processed, as these can cause you to gain fat. These foods are high in salt and other unnatural chemicals which can cause you to gain fat and are just generally bad for your health. Switch takeaways and fast food for natural whole foods instead and you will soon see results. cruise control diet
3. Have a Treat Every Now And Again
The third of the four Cruise Control Diet secrets is our favorite. Have you been on a diet where you were unable to eat your favorite food or guilty pleasure? Well the Cruise Control Diet talks about how important it is to have your favorite snack everyone in a while. It can give you something to look forward to, and will spur you on for the next stage in your body transformation plan. As long as you eat in moderation, a packet of chips or some ice cream is allowed on this diet.
4. Don't Worry About Counting Calories
The fourth of the Cruise Control Diet secrets is that you should follow your body and eat when it tells you to, rather than tracking calories or completing a food log. The diet explains that this can hinder your progress, especially when you are more concerned about recording what you are eating than making a positive change to your eating habits. Instead of counting calories, eat sensibly and swap unhealthy fatty foods for those which are natural and low in fat.