13 July 2013

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Chums Original Cotton Standard End Eyewear Retainer. These retainers in black fit perfect and look and feel nice! They even can be stored in the case while still attached on the glasses! Satisfied,Fake Dove For Dogs Outlet Paypal!
While looking for a class A sunglasses, I've always loved the Ray Bans, especially the Wayfarers.. but the classic seemed a little "too big" for me, so I went for the NEW Wayfarers, and my oh my, I've nailed it..

Has the classic swag of the old Wayfarer, with a New style (much better than the older) and specially, it fits my face and increases my mojo tenfold..

Really,China Made Oakley Sunglass Outlet Free Shipping, don't look anyfurther, it's 100% original, with the Ray Ban logo on the button, the metal clasp inside of the frame,Oakley Sunglasses Sale Spokane Best Deal Free Shipping, with K (or whatever letter you like) CE, the RB laser engraved, made by Luxottica.. you name it..

BUT, I've bought it from Amazon LLC, if you want to risk it from another company, it's your call..
I was actually kind of worried about getting these glasses due to the negative reviews calling them fake. The